Sunday, December 23, 2012

Feminism: As Jewish as Matzha Balls

Typical filthy, whorish, degenerate feminist 'activists'. They commonly 'protest' by appearing in public places half (or sometimes fully) naked, with words painted across their usually revolting bodies. How ladylike!

Anyone with even half a brain has come to understand that feminism, at its core, is a disgusting affront to nature. Feminism is usually marketed as 'woman's rights', but, if anything, it wishes to strip all of the natural rights which women have (being a mother, being cared for, being protected, etc.) and get rid of them. Instead, women are to be seen as exactly the same as men in every respect.

So, who's behind this disgusting, horrid, unnatural ideology?

Oh, would you look at that, it's the Jews. Of course, it's not surprising at all, as something as perverted, unnatural and odious as feminism could only come from the Jews.

So, what are the true ramifications of feminism? Clearly, it effects not just those women involved. How does it effect society at large?


So, not only is feminism a Jewish idea, but, of course, it's by no means in our best interest.

Now, perhaps you'll call me 'old fashioned', but I feel as though women have been given a blessing of utmost importance and respect by their right of motherhood. I know the love I feel for my mother, and although I love my father just as much, the love one feels for his/her mother is simply different. I know, and am quite jealous in all honesty, that my children simply wont ever feel the same way towards me that I felt towards my mother. Despite this, I accept my place. I'm not going to try to be a mother, because, to be honest, I wouldn't even know where to begin!

It is for this reason that when I see women so easily give up this blessing, this quality that is literally the personification of femininity, that I am not only just upset by it, but insulted. How dare they? They have been given the most important job in relation to humanity, and they want to trade it in for a desk job? They want to be men and throw away millions of years of natural tradition that has kept this species alive? This is an affront to nature by any means, and it's time that we come to recognize feminists as what they really are: mentally unhealthy.

Women and men are inherently equal in their differences, just as masculinity and femininity are equal in their differences. They are both required, and one without the other is useless. Look at it from a philosophic point of view: Science is masculine. It deals with exactitude and has no room for opinion. It gives information, and takes virtually nothing. Now, look at philosophy. Philosophy is feminine. It deals with opinion and reason, and without the input of information, it is useless. Like a woman trying to give birth to a child without first being impregnated, it can produce nothing. And, just the same, a man trying to produce a child without a woman (example: Science trying to make sense of the world without philosophy) is doomed to failure from the very beginning.

So then why is it that these disgusting, Jewish 'women' wish to erase all of this? To make us all 'men' (which, in itself, is becoming less and less natural). Because they wish to destroy us, and the easiest way to destroy a people is through its family. Erase the family construct, and you have no more enemy. It's time that more people recognized this and dealt with 'feminists' accordingly, by stringing them up as the disgusting, filthy, whorish, unnatural deviants that they truly are.

"A woman can be superior only as a woman, but as soon as she tries to imitate a man, she is nothing but a monkey."

- Joseph de Maistre