Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Samson Option: Israel's Plan to Nuke the World

The 'Samson Option' is an Israeli final resort if the country should ever happen to 'go under'. This 'final resort' would entail nuclear bombardment of all opposing or enemy countries, as well as "against most major world capitals, regardless of alliance." [1]

"We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that will happen before Israel goes under." [2]

- Martin Van Creveld, Israeli Professor

One of the biggest mistakes the world has ever collectively made was the passiveness towards Israel's nuclear program. Not only does Israel have nuclear weapons, but it openly taunts the entire world with them, even countries it allegedly sees as its allies!
The rouge nuclear state of Israel, and the insane Jews who govern it, are literally and openly admitting that they will attempt to destroy the whole world before anyone does anything about them. What more proof does anyone need before they are able to come to the conclusion the the Jew is a menace to all of humanity? He must be in control, or else no one has the right to live. This is his way of doing things, and other cultures have very different value systems (especially Europeans). This is why the Jew has been seen as untrustworthy and nefarious for thousands of years, because in the midst of conflict he will destroy his 'friend' before he himself falls.

Are we really going to let these cowardly Jews ruin our beautiful civilizations and people simply because they have an inferiority complex so extreme that they will cry out in pain as they strike you? I think not, however, most North Americans are still absolutely oblivious to how Israel, and the Jews, really think of them.

Despite Israel's willingness to destroy anything and everything if it should be faced with hardship, America still supports Israel ipso facto. Obviously, most Americans don't know that they are supporting a country which would nuke most world capitols willingly, but, that is because jew-know-who controls the American media and press, keeping the average American a blind, ignorant, inadvertent foot soldier for international Jewry.

Ask yourself this: Would you support a country, and be willing to fight along side it, if, as its 'last resort' it would willingly destroy you for no reason?

Once one takes into account the billions of dollars America gives Israel every year in 'foreign aid', it becomes obvious that America is just Israel's proxy. They use Americans and keep them stupid, just like a cow on a farm. If the cow knew it was on a farm, well, things would be very different for the farmer. But the cow isn't permitted to know that. The cow is given 'free range', just like us North Americans are. The Jew permits us to drink alcohol, watch television, buy fashionable clothes, drive cars which pollute the environment, eat fancy foods, play sports, and do just about any other mundane, non-important entertainment based, distracting activity. These non-essential facets of life imitate freedom, but ultimately, can never truly replicated it. For example, if you dare open you mouth about the Holocaust, Hitler, Israel or anything else; you see in a flash just how not free you really are. Remember, free range is not freedom. It's an illusion of it, and most Americans would willingly go to the middle east and fight and die for the Jew in order to protect and maintain that disgusting illusion.