Tuesday, December 18, 2012

North America: The Next Haiti?

According to the Census Bureau, Whites (ethnic Europeans) will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2043 [1].

The ever increasing presence of foreigners in North America is almost impossible to ignore. It is, as one would expect, having quite the effect on the social and educational institutions, as well as the general workforce.

This is of concern, regardless of whatever posh, 'tolerant' advocates of 'equality' would otherwise have us believe. This is of concern for a few important reasons.
  • Whites (Europeans) built the United States and Canada. This is not up for debate. Cities, roads, schools, hospitals, and virtually everything else we come to recognize as being part of civilization did not exist in North America before Europeans established them. Therefore, it's of some concern that Whites are becoming a minority in the countries they built more or less for themselves.
  • White countries seem to be the only countries subjected to massive immigration of foreigners. One doesn't hear of the same thing happening in Japan, China, Korea, The Middle East, Africa or India.
Now, one might ask, given the two above points, why this even matters? It matters because, as history has shown, when Whites vanish, so does their society. Other races simply cannot sustain a European based society without the presence of Europeans. The video below explains this point with the best possible example, Haiti.

Haiti is by no means the first example of a beautiful White-European civilization destroyed by a Non-White element. Unless something is done about the ludicrous immigration policy in the United States and Canada, it's likely these two beautiful, White countries will be reduced to the same fate as Haiti, if not worse.

Beautiful modern day Haiti! How could anyone appose North America turning into this? They must be an ignorant, racist, homophobic, kitten hating pedophile! - Or, maybe they're just right...

One can already see signs of this happening in the United States especially. Look at inner city Detroit, for example. A large portion of the City is literally falling apart.

A large number of houses in Detroit are literally decomposing. Once a preeminent, industrial city, Detroit is now a ruin of its former self.

Inner city Detroit is almost exclusively inhabited by African-Americans. Some perhaps would claim that they have had this poverty foisted upon them, if so, this does not excuse their apparent willingness to accept it.

From Wikipeida, the red dots represent Whites, the blue dots Blacks, and the orange dots Hispanics. Each dot represents roughly 20 people.

Is it not painfully obvious that, if nothing is done, North America will turn into the next Haiti, and will be just another in a long line of beautiful white civilizations destroyed by foreigners?

It's about time Whites became wise to this, and do something about it, before they become a tiny minority in the countries which they themselves built from the ground up.


[1]: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/census-whites-no-longer-majority-182515711.html