Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jews are adding Insult to Injury in Germany

As if horrendous lies about the Holocaust which demonize the German people to an extent that is almost unfathomable weren't enough, Jews are pushing for a Jewish state within Germany.

Of course, some people would probably blindly accept and agree with such a thing. And of course, they do so out of ignorance and hypocrisy, because there is no way that the Jews would ever allow a German state in Israel.

Presumably, anyone who speaks out against action such as this will be labelled an 'anti-Semite'. Which makes sense, as you must be full of hate if you don't want part of your country to belong to a foreign people. Or, you might just be intelligent. It's hard for most people to tell due to the amount of Marxist brainwashing they are unknowingly exposed to.

I mean, really, is total control of Germany and it's economy, the fact that Germany pays millions of dollars to Israel, and the fact that Germany pays billions in 'Holocaust reparations' not enough? Do you filthy Jews really feel as though you must own part of Germany?

The Jew behaves in a way that is akin to a child who must get its way. While it is getting what it wants, all is fine. There are no tears and there is no fighting. But, whenever it doesn't get what it wants, or wants even more than what it gets, the tears begin to flow and the fists begin to flail, just like a pathetic, spoiled brat. 

One moron in the above video actually said that she thinks a Jewish state in Germany will help combat anti-Semitism. Is she MAD? Anti-Semitism is a product of Semitism! People don't hate things that don't exist! There is no anti-Semitism without Semitism, just as there is no anti-Africanism without Africans, and no anti-Whiteism without Whites. Any sane, reasonable person can easily understand this. Therefore, it is logical to assume that if Jews are to have a Jewish state in a non-Jewish country (a country which not that long ago expressed its utmost opposition to Jewry) it is likely that anti-Semitism will increase, not decrease. 

If you still need proof of the fact that Jews are inherently insidious you must be a damaged individual. It becomes more and more blatantly obvious as the days go by that Jews are genetically wired to act the way they do. Nothing else can explain why no matter the host country, no matter the host culture, and no matter the host race, that JEWS ALWAYS ACT THE SAME. They always disrupt the natural order of things, they ALWAYS arouse animosity and they are almost always KICKED OUT FOR DOING SO!