Monday, December 17, 2012

Followers of David Icke: What They Don't Seem To Understand

Of all of the kosher-certified, nonsensical conspiracy theories which will tell you that 'no matter what or who, it's never the Jew', David Icke's militia of madness has got to take the cake. Really, when you start to examine the reality of what it takes to believe him, you realize the he even trumps the Jesuit Conspiracy Theorists (who on average display advanced signs of schizophrenia).

David Icke, more or less, would have you believe that this world is controlled to some degree by shape-shifting reptilian aliens from a far off constellation. These shape-shifting reptilian aliens are clearly very technologically advanced considering they were able to travel a great interstellar distance. These shape-shifting reptilian aliens have infiltrated most governments and royal families, and maintain a political and militaristic stranglehold on the world without most humans even knowing it. They are capable of starting wars, and killing just about anyone who dares to get in the way of their nefarious plans for world domination. Also, don't forget that they've been at it for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Despite all of this power that these shape-shifting reptilian aliens have (the ability to start wars and murder anyone they please), they are perfectly a-okay with David Icke standing on stage at Wembley Stadium and 'lecturing' thousands of paying people for 10 hours about their ancient, evil, top-secret plans and dealings.
David Icke on stage at Wembley Stadium. Not exactly a 'covert' meeting place to discuss the secret plans of the hidden rulers of humanity.

So, apparently these secret, shape-shifting, alien reptiles who are extremely technologically advanced and therefore to some degree incredibly intelligent, who run the world more or less under our noses and rule with an 'iron fist' if there ever was one cannot seem to deal with David Icke; a man who is as normal as you or me with no standing army behind him and no 'power' in any figurative or literal sense of the word.

Hmmmm... kinda seems as though David Icke is selling a load of crap, doesn't it?

But, that doesn't stop his ardent, mentally unhealthy followers; who I must assume aren't capable of putting the pieces together and understanding that Icke fails the 'conspiracy theory' litmus test.

Here's the test; take a man and his conspiracy theory (whether it be about Aliens, Jesuits or Jews) and see how he is dealt with in large.

David Icke makes a lot of money and never gets thrown in prison or assaulted for what he says. He lives a care free life, more or less, and doesn't have to worry about the 'big brother' he goes on about stopping him in any way. Many others, such as Alex Jones (and his whole moronic movement) for example, fit this description perfectly.

Now look at someone like Ernst Zundel. Zundel has:
  • been financially ruined
  • been sent to prison
  • been assaulted
  • been bombed
  • had his house burned down
  • had numerous 'hits' put out on him
  • been defaced by the media
  • been kicked out of and banned from numerous countries
  • had his writings made illegal
  • obviously never been invited to speak at a giant stadium to thousands of people
When you also take into account that Zundel is a hard working, self made man, you see that you can trust him. He's gained nothing from where he has stood regarding the Holocaust and the Second World War, but he has always stood there. Someone like Icke, on the other hand, lives like a king by comparison, and faces none of these hardships despite supposedly exposing the most barbarous secret rulers in world history.

It is for this reason alone that one does not even need to get into the specifics of Icke's ridiculous theories at all. Icke is a con-man in every sense, something his faithful followers never seem to take the time to speculate.