Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why do some People Hate the Jews?


Why do some people hate the Jews? It's a question that ignorant, brainwashed people have asked for quite some time. After watching this video, however, the question changes shape: why do some people not hate the Jews? 

Jews are people who:
  • suck blood from a baby boy's freshly mutilated penis
  • advocate and defend the rape of young boys and girls
  • take pride in brutally slaughtering defenseless animals to please their imaginary god
  • advocate prostitution and protect it by law in their 'homeland'
  • see all non-Jews as sub-human, going so far as to claim it is a religious right for a Jew to kill a non-Jew, should he see fit
  • celebrate massacres of other people and declare the anniversaries of such massacres as 'Jewish holidays'
  • implement 'usury', a system which sucks the wealth from a country in the most parasitic way imaginable
  • refuse to work, as it goes against their religious ideology 
  • see themselves as the children of god, and everyone who isn't Jewish is to them sub-human
  • threaten to destroy most of the civilized world should their 'home land' Israel go under
  • routinely destroy Palestinian homes, and kill thousands of innocent Palestinian people, yet have the gall to then claim opposition to such barbarous actions is 'terrorism'
  • devised Communism, a political system which produced all of the most heinous mass murderers of the last 100 years
  • ran the Soviet Union, a Communist empire which resulted in more rape and murder than any other regime in the known history of the world
  • ran the Trans-Atlantic slave trade

If you ignore all of these very real points, perhaps you could still argue that Jews are good people. However, if any of these aforementioned Jewish actions seems unacceptable to you, perhaps it's time you start addressing them as such. It's time non-Jews of all races and cultures woke up and realized the true evil of this world: Judaism.